My name is Keisha and I am a professional website developer. I am still quite new to the website developing business, in saying that, my new age services provide a highly effective marketing strategy which is critical to the success of your business, brand, or organization. With online marketing surpassing TV, Radio, and Print as the preferred platform for businesses, brands, and organizations, I understand that an aesthetically-pleasing and highly-functional website will provide the attention you need and desire, at affordable prices of course. If you believe you could use a website or your website could use an overhaul, click the link below to contact me.

From experience, I know that it is hard to find good service in this day and age. With most things related to the internet, you would probably expect a quote via email, full of jargon that makes no sense and worst of all, an unjustified large sum down the bottom that you’re supposed to pay! Well, don’t worry, that’s where my service is much different. I will personally make the effort to meet with you and discuss your business. I mean how am I supposed to make a website about your business without understanding the fundamentals of your business? That is what separates me from the rest. It takes time and effort to make a website so I want to do it right the first time.