Web Site Design and Development

Standard Web Site or Content Management System?

Standard web sites vary dramatically as the costs and time required to complete depend upon the complexity of the design, the number of pages required and any special features required such as intelligent forms and user interactive features.

A basic web site can be as simple as one single page of information that provides basic brochure type information to the the site visitors.

The normal requirement however, involves from six to many pages and requires a little more thought and planning.

Web sites with many pages will generally rank much higher in the search engines as they are assumed by the search engines to provide more useful information to those searching.

Most web sites require additions to content from time to time as a business grows and additional products, services or general information need to be added to the web site.

One important decision should therefore be considered before we start your project.

Do you need a standard web site where additions and modifications will be performed by the web designer or, do you need a Content Management System where you can perform any additions and modifications yourself without incurring extra costs from the web designer?

No Job Too Small

If you simply need web presence and are on a tight budget, we can still help.

This is an example of a simple, single page (plus one information pop-up) web site built for a client who’s needs are simple – to sell just one product using PayPal as a cost effective payment processor.

Web Site Design

The most enjoyable part of building a web site is designing and creating the graphics so naturally we do not object to creating complex graphics but, the novelty factor associated with web sites is long gone. People now use the internet for more serious purposes rather than to admire what can be done with way out designs and web site novelties.

Going overboard with complicated designs can often simply promote the web design company.  Overly busy, fancy designs can be somewhat of a distraction from the information about the products and services you are presenting to your client.

A business web site should present your business in a professional manner while being simple to navigate, easy to read and providing as much information to both existing and potential clients.

While those involved in the arts may need something a little more visually impressive to suit their audience, businesses may be best to stick to clean, simple and corporate in appearance whilst saving significantly on the design costs.

We are often approached by clients who have had Company Logo’s, Stationery and Business Cards designed by Graphic Designers and want to provide graphics from their Graphic Designer to save a little money and maintain consistency.

We are more than happy to work hand in hand with your Graphic Designer if this is the case. We are also happy to develop web sites based on a template purchased by our clients.

Obligation Free Consultation

Why not phone us and arrange a suitable time to visit, view all the options and discuss your requirements?

We respect your privacy so there are no follow up calls or emails to attempt to pressure you into dealing with us.

We don’t charge for our consultations so all it will cost you is a little time.

To help keep our charges down and benefit all of our clients, we do not do on-site obligation free consultations unless you are prepared to pay for the visit.

Please phone us on (08)8321-9380 for more details or to make an appointment.