DIY with a Content Management System (CMS)

Can you use the basic features of a Word Processor like Microsoft Word???  If so, and if you want to save a lot of money while still having a professional web site then this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

A Content Management System is available for those wishing to save money throughout the life of their web site by maintaining, modifying and adding to their web site content themselves.

With just three or four hours one on one training, making additions and modifications to your own web site with our CMS can be fun and quite rewarding and within a short time, you’ll save a considerable sum of money as you won’t need to pay a web developer ever agin for upgrades to your web site.

There is no need to purchase typical additional applications so you don’t have to learn how to use web developement software etc.

All you will need is access to a computer, an internet connection, our content management system (CMS) and a little time.

You can even make changes to your web site while on holidays or on a business trip by logging onto your website from an internet cafe if you are without a computer.

How it Works

We create the framework which includes the web site design, navigation facilities and general page layout that surrounds your page content (text and images) and the Site Administration facilities.

You simply add your own page content using our on-line editor and management tools. without any knowledge of web design and management and without purchasing and learning to use a complex web development package and additional tools.

The Content Management System is part of the web site (not stored on your own PC) and is accessed by an Administrators Login (username and password) so that only the administrator can make changes to the web site.

The Content Management System gives the site administrator the ability to modify existing web pages or add new web pages to the web site by using an on-line WYSIWYG editor – very similar to a Word Processor.

When a new page is added to the site, a new menu button is also automatically created and placed in the required menu position.

An Asset Manager is included and allows the administrator to easily upload assets (images, sounds and other material) for use on the web site.

The ability to upload and resize images is included and this eliminates the need to own or use any graphics utilities installed on your computer and regardless, is far simpler to use.

A Backup Manager is included and allows the administrator to simply save backup copies of the web site database to their computer and also automatically compact and repair the site database to help maintain an efficient system.

If at any time you want to revert to an earlier copy of the web site, you can simply upload a backup copy of the web site.

You save money by doing a little work yourself.

Most clients prepare the content for their web site using their Word Processor or Windows™ Notepad and send it to us on diskette or through e-mail.  We then need to reformat and layout the content to suit and apply it to the pages of the web site. We then have to upload and test the web site and finally prepare an account for doing this work.

You can eliminate this process and enter the content directly to your web site.  You can do this directly on-line using the CMS WYSIWYG Editor or prepare and format your content in a Word Processor such as Microsoft Word™ and then Paste it into the CMS WYSIWYG Editor.

There are several options available and pricing depends on web site design and any extra required features (supplied modules) and on how much work you want us to do on your behalf.

A site built with the Content Management System appears no different to site visitors though it may seem a little faster than a static version of the site such as this site.

Phone (08)8321-9380 for more information or for a free demonstration.